Saturday, October 17, 2009

Worst Players Ever

Over the years, I have had many players come and go in my campaigns. Some were awesome players that blew my mind with their roleplaying and would always be able to out-think my traps in puzzles. I will always remember them. But also, I will remember my worst players. The ones that would cheat and steal and backstab their comrades. They will forever live in infamy.

One such player came into one of my Rifts campaign, already being an expert on the game. I should have known then that he would be a rules nazi, but I gave him a chance, figuring that he was an experienced player and might be a good addition to the team. I was wrong. When he made his first character, a glitter boy pilot, I new I had a power gamer on my hands, but I told myself "maybe he will actually play the class correctly for once." Again, I was wrong. He was an ingenious player, I will give him that, I have never seen a glitter boy used in the ways that he attempted. First, he tried to make a shield out of MDC plate for his bot. I explained to him that the suit was never designed for that purpose, but he begged and pleaded, and I eventually caved and gave him drastic penalties for using the shield. Next, he started to abuse the sensors that the glitter boy suit has, and even made up some that it doesn't. I caught him on those lies. The final straw, was when another player saw him steal change from my couch. He was not invited back for next weeks session.

Leave a comment and let me know about your worst players.


  1. I know it's not really revilant to your arguement here but I wanted to comment on the image of the magic card you chose.

    That card is not very powerful in today's magic game, just wanted to mention that.

    Everything else you said in your blog post I agree with for the most part.


  2. Another note:

    I know it's fake card, I am just saying there are real cards that are incredibly more powerful than this one. But listen to me rant, eh whatever, I'm sure your happy to have someone commneting in your blog though.

    As I collect my thoughts I'll probably respond to some of your stuff, such as your lack of mentioning 4th edition D&D (it's a really good game, I swear!) and Shadowrun 4th edition (though any edition will do, the setting is what makes that game.)

  3. I once had a guy in a campaign, cheat his way out of death in the most ass way. I play a home made game, and in it we have movement spells. The situation was the party was fighting on a subway high speed train underground. It was him and another player that had followed the bad guy on top of it. The bad guy tried to use a wind movement spell, that moves a player up to 15 feet, in an attempt to move him off the train. So the player looks at me and says "No." and points to his sheet and says "I have the skill un-moveable" (which stops such skills) So I was like, alright man good job. Turns out next session he gets hit with another movement skill and Im like "Well your good." and he was like "dude, I dont have unmoveable." cause it was not a life or death thing. Lol.

  4. Yeah, I can't stand when players cheat on their character sheets, or worse yet, lie about die rolls. Really, what's the point of playing an RPG if you are going to cheat?